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7 de enero de 2012

Special Days/Unique Choices- Días Especiales/Decisiones Únicas

Blog: Special Days/Unique Choices- Días Especiales/Decisiones Únicas

Por: Johanna-JMCDP

I am a Cuban/Puerto Rican, Catholic mom of six kids. I am currently homeschooling two of them. I believe that my family is special due to the challenges my husband and I have faced in educating and nurturing six children and in dealing with autism in our everyday life. In addition to my family, I love photography, organizing, sewing, and cooking.

This is my journey and these pages are a journal of my every day life.

I hope I can inspire other women who have children with or without disabilities to enjoy every moment of their lives. Each day is special and it brings unique choices. We can laugh or cry, despair or hope. In my case, I go through all these feelings each day.

País de donde escribo: Estados Unidos
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